Who Needs Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

Who needs treatment for alcohol abuse?Just because an individual drinks to excess on occasion does not mean that they are an alcoholic. Conversely, it would be unwise to ignore the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse in a friend or loved one who you believe may need alcohol treatment help.

To help loved ones identify whether or not someone needs alcohol treatment, consider the information below. These are some of the hallmark signs and symptoms of alcoholism – and can help concerned parties find treatment for their friend or family member before alcohol threatens their health and well-being.

Signs and Symptoms that Alcohol Abuse Treatment is Needed

Any individual who exhibits one or more of the following signs and symptoms of alcoholism for an extended period of time may need substance abuse or addiction treatment.

  • Unable to control their drinking
  • Drinks at socially unacceptable times
  • Feels that they need a drink to “get through the day”
  • Attempts to drive while under the influence of alcohol
  • Oversleeping or difficulty sleeping as a result of alcohol consumption
  • Unexplained absences from work or school

Getting Treatment Help for Alcohol Abuse

An individual who has a substance abuse problem with alcohol is unlikely to admit that they have a problem or seek treatment on their own accord. It therefore falls on the shoulders of family and friends to help these individuals see that they have a problem and get treatment.

Holding an intervention is one direct way to accomplish this goal.   With an alcohol intervention, the individual is met by loved ones who sit them down and explain the depth of their problem and the ramifications of their actions. The end goal is to get the individual in question into an alcohol treatment problem as soon as possible.

For help with an alcohol abuse problem, call out hotline at 866.531.8636.  There is a caring professional standing by to talk to you – and get you or your loved one the help they need from a professional alcohol treatment program.

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