When Getting Drunk Has Become Your Lifestyle

Alcohol as your lifestyleAlcoholism and the behaviors surrounding it can become a part of daily life, and using alcohol and getting drunk may become your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you reach for a drink when you get home?
  • Do you start most days with drinking or reach for an alcoholic beverage as soon as possible?
  • Is every meal accompanied by alcohol?
  • Do you find it difficult to enjoy social events without a drink in your hand?

If you believe that you are displaying the signs of alcoholism, seek out professional addiction treatment. Breaking the cycle of alcohol abuse is the first step in restoring your life to one that is sober and within your control.

Breaking the Alcohol Addiction Cycle

A huge part of learning how to break the cycle of alcohol abuse and addiction is learning the best methods of ending habits related to drinking. These habits build upon one another to create the following cycle of alcohol addiction:

  • The first stage of alcohol addiction is the adaptive stage in which there is an increase in the tolerance for alcohol. The more alcohol that is consumed, the more that can be consumed as the body adapts to the effects of alcohol. At this point there will be little to no ill effects related to alcohol use. Some closest to the alcoholic may notice that there are increasingly larger amounts of alcohol being consumed, but they are unlikely to consider it to be of great concern.
  • The next stage of alcoholism will include a shift from enjoying the alcohol to needing to drink. Unless an individual continues to drink, he or she will feel ill effects that include shaking, nausea and physical pain. The alcoholic will feel powerless over strong physical cravings.
  • The last stage of alcoholism will include a loss of ability to control the drinking or to limit it to specific events and times of day. The alcoholic may drink at odd hours during the day or may black out while intoxicated due to the large amount of alcohol being consumed. It will have become nearly impossible to continue employment, maintain successful relationships and make wise personal decisions.

It is challenging for an alcoholic to accept that he or she needs professional addiction help. Some may have to hit rock bottom before they realize that recovery is their only option. Alcoholics need to learn how to effectively break free from drinking and the associated lifestyle. This can be accomplished by spending time in a quality alcohol rehab facility.

Rediscover an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Addiction recovery programs guide alcoholics to a path of sobriety. Alcoholism may be an all-consuming part of your lifestyle, but by accepting help from an alcohol rehab facility you or your alcoholic loved one can turn his or her life around. Call our toll-free alcohol addiction helpline. One of our knowledgeable counselors will be able to provide answers to all of the questions you may have about the addiction recovery process. The process of addiction treatment can begin as soon as you are ready.

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