What Happens If I’m Caught Drunk Driving?

What Happens If I'm Caught Drunk Driving?Driving while under the influence does not just put you at risk for a drug or alcohol arrest. It also puts the lives of innocent people at risk if you get into an accident. Additionally, a DWI arrest will remain on your record and can make your ability to get insurance or even a good job very difficult. Alcoholism and legal trouble often go hand in hand for those who neglect getting professional help. So, what kind of legal trouble could you be faced with if you are caught driving under the influence?

Legal Background with Drinking

Your history with legal trouble can heavily influence the type of legal action that you will be facing with a drunk driving arrest. The following can complicate drunk driving charges:

  • Do you have many prior arrests that involve driving while under the influence?
  • Have you caused an accident or injured someone while drunk driving?
  • Have you spent time in jail for a related charge before?
  • Were you in possession of illegal drugs when you were arrested?
  • Have you lost your driver’s license in the past due to a DUI arrest?

Alternatives to Jail for Drunk Driving

Some court systems offer alternative DUI sentencing to help addicts receive professional treatment. If this is your first drug arrest then you should take this as an opportunity to revolutionize your life. A lenient court decision could be a life-saver for the following reasons:

  • If this is the first time that an arrest and alcoholism have collided for you then you should consider yourself fortunate; unless you enter into an alcohol rehab program to receive professional treatment then it is unlikely to be the last time you face a DUI.
  • The next time that you are arrested you may not receive the option to avoid jail for drunk driving by entering into an alcohol or drug rehab program.
  • If you don’t opt for alternative DWI sentencing and receive treatment, the next accident you get into might result in the loss of a life.

If you can stay out of jail for a DUI then you should consider yourself incredibly fortunate. Not only will going to rehab instead of jail help you attain a long-lasting sobriety, but it can also result in the potential of avoiding a permanent scar on your record.

Drunk Driving Help

If you have received the option to attend rehab instead of jail time then give us a call. While we cannot offer legal help for DUI arrests, we can offer you rehab guidance that will help you to receive high-quality professional help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to discuss your situation in complete confidence with one of our counselors. We offer professional treatment so that you can regain control and direction for the life that has been so negatively influenced by alcoholism.

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