Social Anxiety and Alcohol

Social Anxiety and AlcoholMany people drink alcohol when they are in unfamiliar social situations, and in many cases, alcohol is the feature activity at parties and gatherings. If you are concerned about your alcohol consumption or the drinking of someone you love, you can call us and speak with a knowledgeable counselor today.

How to Know When a Person Is Drinking Too Much or Too Often

If you or a person you care about drinks so much that you are concerned, chances are that there might be a problem. Social anxiety can cause a number of drinking problems, and it can lead a person to the following problems:

  • Drinking very quickly
  • Drinking more than three or four drinks in each social event
  • Drinking so much that she “blacks out” or loses consciousness
  • Drinking so much that people comment on the drinking behavior
  • Spending the next day recovering from a hangover
  • Drinking more alcohol the next day in order to avoid hangover feelings

All of these symptoms are signs that there may be a problem.

How Social Anxiety Creates Alcoholism

Social anxiety and alcoholism work together in more than half of all cases of alcohol dependency. Social anxiety is a powerful force, and it can lead users to self-medicate at all costs. It’s nearly impossible to overcome social anxiety without treatment, yet many people avoid treatment by claiming that the problem really isn’t that serious, or because the idea of getting help brings on more anxiety.
If you attend almost any Alcoholics Anonymous group, you will find that most people drank when they were anxious. Unfortunately, over time, it can be easy to depend on alcohol for almost every other situation as well. Most of us lead busy lives, and alcohol dependency can take over quickly.

Treatment for Both Social Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse

If alcohol and anxiety have affected your life, you may want to seek treatment. Take some time to learn more about integrated recovery and integrated rehab treatment. Integrated treatment is a little different from normal substance abuse treatment. It combines effective, evidence-based mental health care with the latest in substance abuse treatment. By combining both emotional support and wellness with addiction treatment, people who use integrated treatment tend to have higher success in recovery.

To learn more, please call us now. Our experienced recovery counselors can help you find treatment that fits your situation, offer advice and direction or simply act as a friendly voice to speak with. We can help you find treatment that is covered under your insurance and even help you work with your insurance company to make sure things run smoothly. We are a fully licensed facility and we take your privacy seriously. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today to find out how we can help you.

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