Sober Fun: What to Do Without Alcohol

Sober Fun: What to Do Without AlcoholThe psychological effects of alcoholism can last for years or even a lifetime. Even well into recovery a person may start to feel depressed, bored or anxious about not having access to alcohol. It is not uncommon for a recovering alcoholic to move from the emotional highpoint of having conquered the disease to an emotional low point, as they start to feel like life without alcohol is less enjoyable than life when they were drinking. Some common examples of this kind of thinking include the following:

  • Missing relationships with people who drank
  • Feeling that certain activities such music, art, games or parties were much more fun while drinking
  • Feeling that creativity was heightened by alcohol
  • Remembering the “good times” from drinking days and not the repercussions
  • Feeling the need to let go and have a great time but fearing that it is not possible without drinking

These feelings and thoughts are a normal part of the recovery process. How a person handles them determines whether or not he or she will relapse.

Diversions: Have Fun without Drinking

There are many activities that are more enjoyable while sober. Though it may take time to relearn how to enjoy them, the results will be worth the effort. A few examples include:

  • Being physically active and feeling the rush of a good workout.
  • Enjoying the outdoors by hiking, swimming, running or camping.
  • Conversations about art, films, concerts, books or other interests are more stimulating when sober.
  • Cooking can be a satisfying and productive pastime.
  • Road trips and vacations are an excellent diversion and reward for sobriety. Many recovering addicts save money they would have spent on alcohol and use it for adventures.
  • Group activities with fellow recovering addicts provide fun and accountability.
  • Serving others can be both rewarding and fun. Shelters, youth programs, community clean-up projects, senior activities or projects like Habitat for Humanity are options for giving back.

Any activity that gets your focus off of yourself, takes your mind off of your cravings and keeps you in the presence of people who will help you avoid alcohol is a good activity. Addiction affects your recollection of events. If you are feeling overly sentimental or nostalgic for your drinking days, get help right away.

Learn How to Have Fun without Alcohol

If you are having trouble having fun while sober or are worried you will not have any fun if you get sober, please call our toll-free helpline. We are here for you and can connect you with programs and people who can provide the help needed for you to stay clean or get clean. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now and get the help you need.

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