Common Questions about Treatment for Alcoholism

Common questions about alcoholism treatmentThere is nothing wrong with being intimidated by the alcohol treatment process. Even those who have made up their mind to reach out for alcohol treatment help may still find themselves unsure about their decision. The following represent some of the most common questions about alcoholism treatment and finding a program (and the answers everyone should know).

Is treatment for Alcoholism expensive?

Sometimes, yes.  Luxury alcoholism treatment programs can cost thousands of dollars per month. However, there are just as many programs that are affordable for most families – and may even be covered by insurance.

Does an alcoholic need to leave home to receive treatment?

While many individuals choose a residential treatment program because it gives them a place to focus solely on their addiction recovery, it is not the only choice. Some alcoholics choose outpatient alcohol rehab because it allows them to attend treatment during the day, and then return home in the evening.

How long does treatment take to complete?

The length of alcohol treatment programs vary, but most will last at the minimum for thirty days. Some long-term alcohol treatment programs can take a year or more to complete depending upon the seriousness of the individual’s condition.

What happens after Alcoholism Treatment is over?

When an individual “graduates” from an alcoholic treatment program, there are still challenges ahead.  Returning to one’s home environment without the crutch that alcohol provided for many years can cause stress and has led more than one individual to relapse. To help, there are programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous which provides continuing support and engagement. Follow-up counseling at the treatment facility also helps people maintain their focus and their sobriety in the months following the program’s completion.

Who should consider Alcoholism Treatment?

Any individual who cannot control their drinking habits (despite understanding the harm it is causing them) or has seen their life fall into disrepair because of alcohol should contact an alcoholism treatment program today.

If you need alcoholism treatment, or just have questions about the process, contact our free, confidential helpline at 866.531.8636. A kind, knowledgeable professional is waiting to help you today.

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