3 Ways Sobriety Can Improve Your Family Life

3 Ways Sobriety Can Improve Your Family Life

Sobriety can have a drastic impact on an individual’s relationships, both personally and professionally

According to American Associate for Marriage and Family Therapy, relationships where one partner abuses drugs or alcohol are often extremely unhappy. In fact, these partners are often more unhappy than couples who do not have addiction issues, but who seek help for marital issues. As the addiction progress so does the tension and unhappiness in the relationship. This often leads to fighting and continuous conflicts, as well as possible emotional or physical abuse. Couples with addiction present in the relationship often feel hopeless about their situation and any possibility for improvement. Fortunately, there is hope for both the substance abuser and his family to grow stronger and become healthier, happier in recovery.

How Can Sobriety Improve your Family Life?

Addicts often fear the path they must take to achieve sobriety. Not only do they have to commit to the process, but they also have to find effective treatment while experiencing chaotic emotions and withdrawal symptoms associated with leaving their addiction behind. Some addicts may rely on the benefits their future holds to get them through this difficult time, while others may focus on the here and now. No matter what motivates the addict to get sober, the benefits of living a sober life are well worth the struggle.  Included in the following are three ways sobriety can improve both the recovering addict’s life and his family life:

  • Healthier mind, body, and spirit
  • Improved relationships
  • Financial security/stability

In addition to recovering addicts having a healthier outlook on life, achieving sobriety can help them avoid many health problems associated with drug use such as liver disease, cancers, permanent brain damage, and increased risk of injury.  Chronic or constant substance abuse can also cause an addict to have an unhealthy diet, leading to either weight loss and/or gain. Although sobriety may not cure those conditions, it can drastically reduce one’s risks of experiencing a negative health condition. By being healthier and more physically fit, the recovering addict can enjoy time with family engaging in activities he may not have been able to participate in before.

Addicts may wake up in the morning with no recollection of where they are or how they got to their current location, they may say and do things to the people they love with no memory of doing this, and when using, they act out in ways they never would when sober. Once sobriety is achieved recovering addicts are able to follow through with their commitments, treat their loved ones with respect, and behave consistently and rationally. This new sense of security and continuity within a family can be something the recovering addict looks to when cravings or triggers sneak up on him. This bond can be the strong foundation the recovering addict needs to stay on course and can help him continue to make healthy choices while avoiding drug use.

One of the strongest motivators for the addict to successfully achieve sobriety is the hope of restoring and/or repairing relationships with both family members and friends. During the most difficult times of their addiction, addicts often found themselves cut off from loved ones due to their lifestyle choices. In some cases, friends and family members may refuse to engage with the addict until he gets sober.  Once they get sober, recovering addicts have a clear mind and are able to interact with loved ones in healthier and more productive ways. They can begin to repair the relationships that were damaged due to addiction and form more genuine and substantial relationships with their loved ones. Recovering addicts who enter treatment facilities also have the opportunity to incorporate their family members into their treatment.  Family therapy gives both the recovering addict and loved ones an opportunity to address concerns and issues and teaches them healthy ways to work past the issues.

Substance abuse can cause a major drain on one’s financial stability. Whether due to poor job performance or even a lack of employment, any form of progress, especially professionally, can be significantly limited by one’s addiction. Sobriety can help an individual become more effective and productive both at work and home. In addition to improved employment status, sobriety will eliminate the huge expenses associated with buying and using drugs and/or alcohol. Becoming more financially stable can ease the burden on other family members who may have had to support the addict, and ultimately help improve relations between the addict and his loved ones.

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